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Jakarta Pusat
Teknologi Informasi (TI)
Dipasang 346 hari lalu


Level Keahlian
Jumlah Peserta
20 / kelas
Biaya Pelatihan
Rp. 0
Tanggal Daftar
14 Maret 2019 s/d 24 Maret 2019
Tanggal Pelaksanaan
25 Maret 2019

Tentang Pelatihan

-Program Bootcamp in 2 month @PT Abhimata Persada

- Allowance during bootcamp training

-Get skill and knowledge to become JAVA PROGRAMMER


*Accepted as an employee

  • Monthly Salary *and other allowance * BPJS Ketenagakerjaan *BPJS Kesehatan


Bachelor degree of IT or Computer Science. Min GPA 3,00
Max : 25 Years old
INTERESTED in Java Programming

Tentang Penyedia Pelatihan

PT Abhimata Persada was established in 1990 in Jakarta as a subsidiary company of PT Elang Mahkota Teknologi to respond to the growing needs of Indonesia's banking and telecommunication sector. Since then we have been steadily building up a strong local presence backed by proven skills and expertise of our personnel.

Currently, Abhimata Persada has grown to be an IT company with significant supporting role in Indonesia's banking sector. Our more than 120 associates are working full time in each and every specific need of the banking & telco industry, from advisory, supporting role to the role of implementer.

It is our aim to develop long-term partnerships with clients, to ensure continuity and reliability of service to them. Our clients are active in a range of market, from the telecommunications industry to the finance/banking sector, and from the governmental department. We have completed projects for clients in various sectors of market.

Abhimata Persada's state policy and practice is to produce and supply systems solution and consultancy to the highest professional standards. In order to satisfy our clients' requirement for delivery on time and within budget, we operate a comprehensive quality system, which applies to all work undertaken. The application of the systems is fundamental to the excellence, which is recognized as an integral part of Abhimata Persada's culture. Our highly qualified staffs are continuously trained in the application of our quality system. This ensures consistency of quality in all client project while permitting the flexibility required for the wide variety of projects we undertake.


Gd. Menara Batavia lt 5 Jl. KH Mas mansyur Kav 126 Jakarta Pusat 10220
Jakarta Pusat
DKI Jakarta

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