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Personalia / SDM / HR 
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Human Resources Manager
Perdagangan Umum / Komoditas / Distribusi
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Sarjana (S1)
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Job Duties and Responsibilities of Human Resource Manager

Daily job duties and responsibilities of today’s HR Manager include:

  • Answering employee questions
  • Processing incoming mail
  • Creating and distributing documents
  • Providing customer service to organization employees
  • Serving as a point of contact with benefit vendors/administrators
  • Maintaining computer system by updating and entering data
  • Setting appointments and arranging meetings
  • Maintaining calendars of HR management team
  • Compiling reports and spreadsheets and preparing spreadsheets

HR manager are involved in a number of areas of human resources, including:

Recruitment Process

  • Participating in recruitment efforts
  • Posting job ads and organizing resumes and job applications
  • Scheduling job interviews and assisting in interview process
  • Collecting employment and tax information
  • Ensuring background and reference checks are completed
  • Preparing new employee files
  • Overseeing the completion of compensation and benefit documentation
  • Orienting new employees to the organization (setting up a designated log-in, workstation, email address, etc.)
  • Conducting benefit enrollment process
  • Administering new employment assessments
  • Serving as a point person for all new employee questions

Payroll and Benefits Administration

  • Processing payroll, which includes ensuring vacation and sick time are tracked in the system
  • Answering payroll questions
  • Facilitating resolutions to any payroll errors
  • Participating in benefits tasks, such as claim resolutions, reconciling benefits statements, and approving invoices for payment

Record Maintenance

  • Maintaining current HR files and databases
  • Updating and maintaining employee benefits, employment status, and similar records
  • Maintaining records related to grievances, performance reviews, and disciplinary actions
  • Performing file audits to ensure that all required employee documentation is collected and maintained
  • Performing payroll/benefit-related reconciliations
  • Performing payroll and benefits audits and recommending any correction action
  • Completing termination paperwork and assisting with exist interviews


  • 30 - 40 Years Old
  • Bachelor Degree (S1) Majoring  in Psychology/Law
  • Minimum 2 Years Experience as HRD Staff
  • Knowing About Recruitment Procedure, General Affair, BPJS & Labor Law
  • Have Critical Analysis Thinking & Target Oriented
  • Good Leadership & Interpersonal Skills
  • Able to Work Under Pressure
  • Have Strategic  Concept Planning & Initiative to Follow Up
  • Computer Literate (MS Office)
  • Have Good Administrative Skill
  • Able to Communicate Clearly, Both Written And Orally, As to Communicate With Employee
  • Dependable, Able to Follow Instructions, Respond to Management Direction, and Must Be Able to Improve Performance Through Management Feedback

Tentang Perusahaan

Wahana Safety Indonesia

Established in 2000, Wahana Safety Indonesia, PT is well-known safety company provides high quality personal protective equipment (PPE) and services to meet customer’s need. The company serves a broad range of market industries such as oil and gas, mining, fire services, emergency services, construction, transportation, utilities, manufacturing and industrial.

By 2018, the company has growth in every industries and working together with world's leading safety equipment manufacturers to provide world class quality of equipment surpassed and complied International safety standard such as ANSI, NIOSH, EN, JIS, CSI and other regional safety standards.

Pusat Niaga Roxy Mas, Blok C5 No.4 , Jl. K.H. Hasyim Ashari, 125 Ashari 10150
Jakarta Pusat
DKI Jakarta
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